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Preliminary studies

Making a preliminary study - this can be a mission in itself or it may precede an Engineering's mission - means asking essential questions about your project, ones that enable you to take the right decisions taking all the facts into account:

  • what are the features and operating conditions of your business activity ?
  • what statutory, economic, technical and environmental pressures do you have to work under ?
  • what strategic directions is your plant heading in ?
  • what will need to be done and what are the foreseeable operating costs of such proposals?
  • are you entitled to any financial help? …

This will give you an objective overview based on extensive technical and economical comparisons of possible solutions, plus a model for the management and characterization of industrial effluents.

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Audit - Definition of needs – Preparation of the production unit – Feasibility application of processes - Definition of industrial plants - Technical sales comparisons, etc.