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Founded in Lyons, France in 1990, ECA is a team of experienced specialists in manufacturing processes, design and automation of industrial installations.

Mastering a broad range of processes based on new technologies, ECA is constantly developing new partnerships with SMEs and international groups in a range of industrial sectors that include metal finishing, printing, cardboard, paint making, chemistry, electronics, metallurgy, textiles, iron and steel making, automobile industry, pharmacy, cosmetics and waste storage.

A philosophy...

ECA has always been strongly committed to finding relevant solutions that guide corporate strategic choices.

From preliminary studies to "turnkey projects" our contractual guarantee of results is proof of genuine ECA commitment.

…and some skills

preliminary studies: diagnostic audits, trials, analyses, process feasibility and validation, technical and financial assessments, etc.

engineering: project management, automation of industrial processes, sizing, definitions and layouts, control/supervision, startup, training, assistance, etc.